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'Vil Spare' from my new book Dream Canvas


Embracing the digital tools of expression

As the adoption of digital photography spread the borders between photography and other imaging arts like painting are becomming blurred. The painters incorporate the photographic language to their art and the photographers are able to include more 'unreal' and thus expressive components into their post production by ever more powerful digital tools.

My images do originate from a camera that being a DSLR, compact or smartphone camera. As such they are photos. However this is not important. It is the final piece of art and its communication with its audience - that is your mind - that matters.

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  • December 29th, 2013
    There is a new book Dream Canvas for your mind to consume.
  • August 15th, 2013
    Ole S√łnderby and I have put together a collection being offered to art societies in Denmark.